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Explore Nature with Curated Tours at Ticorural

Curated Costa Rica Experiences.!

Begin a journey that goes “Beyond the Map” – it’s an odyssey through Costa Rica’s essence.

We are vibrant cultures,  we have tranquil landscapes. Our thoughtfully crafted tours aim to help you connect with the natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer

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Sustainability and Adventure

Follow an eco-friendly odyssey through Costa Rica’s breathtaking landscapes. Discover sustainable adventures that go ‘Beyond the Map,’ blending excitement with a commitment to preserving our planet.

Cultural Immersion and Wellness

Involve yourself in the heart of Costa Rica’s vibrant culture.

Be wellness retreats in nature or authentic cultural encounters with local communities, our experiences invite you to unwind, connect, and discover a different way of life.

Local Biodiversity and Tranquility

Escape to the tranquility of Costa Rica, where lush biodiversity meets serene landscapes.

Our commitment to local conservation ensures native species continue to thrive. Costa Rica’s landscapes allow nature’s wonders to exist in harmony.

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